Productivity, greater precision and connectivity define the next generation of Turboclinic equipment, a pioneering company that continues to innovate turbo repair


TC Workbench NG


The TC Workbench NG (TCW NG) is a complete repair workshop, and it is now even more modern and efficient. 

It includes self-calibration at startup, Standard Mode and Precision Mode, remote equipment monitoring, and increased integration with the TurboClinic 4.0 platform.

These features are added to the existing functions of turbocharger balancing, geometry adjustment, compression impeller efficiency measurement, oil leakage testing of core assemblies, and testing and programming of electronic actuators.

In a constantly evolving and growing market, TCW NG meets the needs of every business with its new modules and updates available at the click of a button, through the TurboClinic 4.0 Platform.

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The VNTi NG is the most complete equipment on the market for calibrating variable geometry turbochargers for light vehicles with pneumatic or electronic actuators.

Designed for user ergonomics and optimized for better efficiency, this new generation of equipment is equipped with greater integration with the TurboClinic 4.0 platform, which allows remote monitoring and equipment updates.

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  • Adjustment of light vehicles’ VNT turbochargers with pneumatic and electronic actuators
  • Test electronic actuators as well as the electronic position sensor of pneumatic valves
  • Program electronic actuators from light vehicles
  • Tests the wastegate valves (vaccum/pressure)
  • Test cartridges for leaks (with Pneumatic Oil Leak Tester integrated)
  • Autocalibration
  • New Compressor Wheel lockout System
  • 21,5’ adjustable touchscreen
  • Equipped with the New ACM
  • Higher precision with 2 independent working modes: Standard and Precision
  • Integration with the Platform TurboClinic 4.0 (remote monitoring and update of equipment)
  • Several modules are available with the Pay-per-Use option
+ Advanced functions (optional)
Automatic adjustment

Automatic min and max flow adjustment of turbochargers with programmable electronic actuator.

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Optimized control values for greater efficiency

Until now, it was possible to adjust the variable geometry of turbochargers with pneumatic or electronic actuators, based only on OEM turbocharger values. Now, with the optimized values, by selecting the type of variable geometry, we can ensure the best turbocharger efficiency.

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Simplified adjustment of vacuum actuators

Adjustment of turbochargers with vacuum actuators is now simplified with the newly added feature: continuous vacuum. With it, customers can now adjust the vacuum more easily and quickly, significantly reducing adjustment time.

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Actuators vacuum with position sensor

Our database will record the minimum and maximum values of the position sensor, which will help adjust the actuator.

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Universal Exhaust Housings - Reverse Turbo Exhaust Housing
  • Fast fitting of different cores
  • Developed for Reverse Turbos
  • It doesn’t require an OEM exhaust housing
  • Adaptors developed for the best simulation of the air flow

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  • Use of the original exhaust (turbine housings) or of the Universal Exhaust Housing** for best test simulation
  • New fixing platform that allows to balance turbochargers from light and heavy vehicles
  • Measure the efficiency of the compressor wheel
  • Large and strong workbench
  • Test speeds over 300.000 RPM
  • Intuitive interface

** for clients with this option



TurboScope is a modular equipment, customizable from base and that grows according to your needs. The user starts from a base module of his choice, choosing one form:

Test Electronic Actuators form Light Vehicles, Program Electronic Actuators from Light Vehicles, Test Electronic Wastegates or Test Electronic Actuators from Heavy Vehicles.

This feature alone makes this equipment the most complete on the market in this segment. TurboScope also offers a vibration analysis system, being the first equipment in the world that allows to diagnose the turbo balance without removing it from the vehicle.

Its expandability means that TurboScope is always up to date.
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General operation Turboscope
Test and Program Actuators
Test Electronic Wastegates