What I love about my job is the relationships I have with collaborators, customers and suppliers. I strongly believe in teamwork and in the vast network of national and international collaborations. My passions are psychology, meditation and contact with nature
Antonio Buccino
Sole Director
I am the daughter of Diesel Levante founder Raffaele Buccino, proud to have followed in his footsteps in the company. My career has been defined by accurate management of revenue and payments, supervision of administrative-accounting activities, and constant preparation of tax and social security obligations.
Katia Buccino
I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature I always aim to achieve my goals by working on multiple projects. My true obsession? The pursuit of detail!
Rocco Raspatella
Sales Director
I like to call myself a young man, even though my years are advancing. With my methodical approach and in-depth expertise in the field, I can excellently manage the entire procurement process. With my dedication to ethics and sustainability, they provide data analysis and responsible procurement management.
Luigi De Cesare
Analyst & Purchasing Manager
I love challenges. My determination and rigour led me to enthusiastically take on the role of Area Manager for the French market at Diesel Levante in 2017. Since then, I have worked with flexibility and responsiveness, managing both large and small customers with equal attention. I firmly believe that every customer is important and deserves the utmost dedication. Thanks to this philosophy and my ability to adapt, we have managed to turn Diesel Levante into a company feared by its competitors, covering the entire French territory. I am excited to continue to grow and take on new challenges with our team.
Angela Casio
Area Manager France
I have been working in the family business since 2006. I chose to accept the job offer made to me by my grandfather Raffaele, the founder of Diesel Levate, when I was still a student. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience in the industry and constantly strive to ensure a high level of service to all our international clients.
Rossella Florio
Export Customer Service
I am an experienced Export Customer Service professional and strive to provide high quality service. Through my dedication and attention to detail, I effectively handle international customer inquiries, ensuring smooth and timely communication.
Barbara Barile
Export Customer Service
I live life knowing each problem comes with a solution and I apply this motto especially in my job. My goal is to provide my costumers immediate and dynamic support: I love dispelling all their doubts and facilitate their shopping experience in the best and most efficient way, wherever they are in the world.
Angela De Palma
Export Customer Service
I consider myself a professional with solid experience in international sales. My flexibility allows me to adapt to changing foreign markets, and my tenacity constantly drives me to achieve my goals.
Antonio Marzano
Export Customer Service
With my established experience, I am able to build strong relationships with customers, offering customized solutions and increasing sales. My professional approach and dedication to customer service enable me to achieve positive results and contribute to the success of Diesel Levante.
Alessandro Del Conte
Sales Italy
My ability to analyze the market and identify growth opportunities is critical to business success. My technical and commercial product experience and in-depth knowledge of the Italian market allow me to develop targeted strategies based on the needs of the client and the territory.
Massimo Perrone
Area Manager Italy
In the field of sales, I describe myself as a dynamic talent with a wealth of experience and a strategic approach. My ability to build trusting relationships with customers and offer customized solutions ensures a flawless buying experience.
Nicola Viceconte
Sales Italy
Every day, I dedicate my commitment to ensuring quality assistance to all our clients, thanks to my knowledge of the products and attention to detail that allow me to meet your needs professionally.
Yayi Reyes Charon
My name is Remigio and I am a key member of the logistics team. My role is to ensure accuracy at every stage of freight management, including coordinating arrivals and departures, optimizing the warehouse, preparing orders, and supervising my team.
Remigio Sasanelli
Warehouse Supervisor
I stand out in the industry because of my expertise in turbocharger analysis, remanufacturing, and repair. My unwavering commitment ensures high-level performance and reliable products, meeting the needs of our customers.
Francesco Cervelli
Turbochargers Technician
Former athlete, I love animals and good food. I started my career in the field of diesel injection at the age of 13. Always looking for the new but with the humility of never knowing enough.
Cosimo Ramunno
Diesel Fuel Injection Technician
I am part of the accounting team and play an essential role in several key areas, such as credit control, periodic reporting, intrastat processing and customer/supplier master data management. My constant commitment is essential to ensure the compliance and efficiency of operations in the accounting department.
Simona Gigante
My role in accounting is critical to manage customer receivables, document accounting movements, and prepare periodic statements. My attention to detail ensures that the administrative office remains in order at all times.
Antonio Clemente
Diesel Levante is a leading company in Europe, synonymous with quality and efficiency.

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