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With over 35 years of history and 70 served markets on a worldwide basis, Diesel Levante is among the leading companies in Europe in  the remanufacturing of turbochargers, diesel pumps and injectors for a wide range of applications and injection systems: Automotive, Trucks and Industrial, Marine, and Agricultural. We are the Italian official distributor of Jrone branded products , a global leader in the production of high-quality components (TUV and SGS certified) with a wide range of complete new turbochargers and turbo components (core assemblies, nozzle rings, pneumatic and electronic actuators, other spare parts). We are also Italian exclusive distributor for the Turboclinic brand , a company specialized in the production of equipment for the repair and diagnostics of Turbochargers.

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A workshop with high-precision equipment, a staff of skilled technicians, and a modern facility with 6 automated warehouse units handling over 5.000 items ensure efficiency and professionalism.

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The Jrone products we offer stand out in the aftermaket world for the best value for money compared to competitors. Follow us on social networks, visit our e-commerce and take advantage of our offers.

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We ensure quick delivery thanks to three distribution centers: two in Italy (Milan and Bari) and one in France (Besançon). We can fulfill all orders, whether local, in Europe, or worldwide basis, within 24/48 hours.

Dedicated E-commerce

You may easily find each product in our e-commerce jrone.shop by searching by OE code, turbo code, license plate, or car model.

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